Transform Your Construction Game with RAPIDTOOL’s Ultimate Rebar Bending Machine!

If your construction project involves the use of concrete, you are likely also working with reinforcing steel bars. These materials must be shaped to specific angles and are crucial for the structure’s integrity, stability, and longevity. Skip the time-consuming manual methods and achieve accurate angles faster with a modern rebar bender from RAPIDTOOL Australia. 

Our rebar bending machine is perfect for minimising back-breaking efforts to bend and shape steel bars into desired geometries. 

The RAPIDTOOL electric bar bender can bend 4-16mm reinforcing steel rods to a 90-degree angle in approximately 5 seconds. Using the Ø30mm standard head, the tool can bend rebar up to 130 degrees. We also offer an Ø80mm attachment if you need the portable rebar bender to bend steel bars from 0 to 90 degrees. 

No matter your requirements, you can trust the tool’s powerful single-phase 220-240V – 1200W motor that drives the high-precision hydraulic pump. Plus, our rebar bender includes a bend guide bolt that lets you set the tool at the required bend angle. This bolt works with the standard Ø30mm head.

Bend steel bars effortlessly anywhere.

Do you often struggle to bend reinforcing steel bars accurately? If so, it’s time to consider getting a rebar bender for sale. And if you need a portable version, check out the ERB-16 electric rebar bender. With powerful hydraulics, it guarantees clean, efficient, and accurate bends every time. Plus, its compact size and ergonomic design simplify usage in any space, even in constrained work areas, leading to increased safety and efficiency in construction sites.

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A powerhouse tool

For more demanding projects, you need a rebar bending machine that can keep up and allow you to complete the job quickly with precision. Our line of industrial rebar benders is perfect for that. At RAPIDTOOL, we offer these products for steel bars of different sizes, such as 6-25mm and 6-32mm, ensuring you have the right rebar bender to suit your project’s specifications.

CRB-25 is an industrial portable rebar bender that can bend steel bars to 90 degrees in just 2.5 seconds. The industrial-strength head is driven by a powerful 220-240V AC -50 Hz electric motor with 1050W of power input to achieve accurate and controlled bending every time. Foot pedals are supplied with this rebar bending machine to simplify operation, eliminating the need to exert much effort, like when you use manual metal benders.

Are you looking for a rebar bender for sale for thicker steel bars? CRB-32 might be what you need. This 6-32mm industrial rebar bender has 2400W of power input to bend 32mm reinforcing steel rods to 90 degrees in 2.5 seconds. It’s also a handy machine for controlled, accurate bending from zero to 180 degrees.

Two-in-one tools

At RAPIDTOOL Australia, we understand that rebar cutting and bending almost always go together. This is why we also offer a rebar bender for sale with a built-in cutter.

CRBC-25 is an industrial rebar bender and cutter combo that can bend and cut up to 25mm steel bars in less than 3 seconds. This machine is powered by a 220-240V – 50Hz single-phase electric motor with 1550W of cutter power input and 1050W of bender power input.

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If you need a 6-32mm rebar bending machine with a built-in cutter, we recommend CRBC-32. It’s a powerful industrial rebar bender and cutting machine with a powerful motor for efficient and precise bends and cuts.

Like our industrial rebar benders, our two-in-one bender-and-cutter combo machines come with foot pedals and extra fixed bending pin diameters to maximise their use. We can also provide custom sizes that meet your project’s needs. Just let us know!


If you’re ready to boost your construction game with our rebar bender, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. To find your nearest rebar bender for sale get in touch with RAPIDTOOL Australia by calling +61 2 9098 8943 or 1800 955 755. You may also email


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