Barbecue Snags | Traditional Sausage From Australia

barbecue snags
It consists of breaded chicken breast (chicken cutlet) covered with a tomato-based Neapolitan sauce and cheese, with a generous sprinkling of fresh herbs and spices. This is a classic Australian chicken parmigiana dish, often served as a single cutlet in Australian pubs, and is one of the most popular chicken dishes in Australia and the...

Chicken Parmigiana – Aussie Taste Recipes

chicken parmigiana
It's no surprise that Aussies like to barbecue, but nothing is more delicious than being served with chips, which I think should be on the side, not on their side. My mate's place in the local bunny used to be a sausage sizzling, and it was nothing like the traditional Australian sausages, which are...

Lamington Cake – Australian Lamington Chocolate Cake

Lamington is traditionally made from a vanilla sponge cake covered in a chocolate sauce and then rolled in coconut. These cakes are available in the local cafes, which serve them in increasingly nostalgic snacks. When I was in Australia last year, I treated myself to dinner at one of the local cafes with Lamington on...


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