Lamington Cake – Australian Lamington Chocolate Cake


Lamington is traditionally made from a vanilla sponge cake covered in a chocolate sauce and then rolled in coconut. These cakes are available in the local cafes, which serve them in increasingly nostalgic snacks. 


When I was in Australia last year, I treated myself to dinner at one of the local cafes with Lamington on the dessert menu. It was moist, soothing, and absolutely delicious: traditional Australian cake squares dipped in velvety chocolate icing and sprinkled with dried coconut. They were moist and soothing and absolutely perfect for a dessert on a warm summer evening. Lamingtons are a popular treat for dinner in many parts of Australia, but we were surprised to find that they had to be served with strawberry jam on top and not alone. 

Lamington Cake is a small cube of sponge square dipped in chocolate and then rolled in coconut. In the Australian state of Victoria, a layer of raspberry or plum jam is often added, but there is no peak value for dessert in Australia. 

In Australia, Lamington is often baked to raise money for charities such as the Australian Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute. Made from a blend of chocolate, coconut, chocolate chips and coconut milk, this simply delicious cake is perfect to celebrate Australia Day. 

I took this cake recipe from one of my Nana’s cakes, which works well here, but is a little more stable, which means that it is easier to dip into the chocolate glaze. Lamington can also be baked as a sponge cake if you also use a white butter cake, or you can use it as an oatmeal cake or even as a chocolate cake, as in this recipe. 

Line the bottom of the pan with grease and baking paper and flour the bottom and sides of a round cake tin (or other large pan) with the grease. 

Basically, you only have one sponge cake (or butter cake) that is cut into squares and you make a lamington. All we need to do now is dip the cake squares in a chocolate glaze (made from unsweetened cocoa powder) and roll the squares into dried coconuts. I bought chocolate to make the chocolate and ice cream very easy, but you can also buy chocolate at your local grocery store at a much cheaper price than I did for making the Lamedtons. 

When I decided to make this recipe, I expected it to be more of a berry-yogurt-cream cake, but the chocolate wasn’t really dewy. This recipe uses real chocolate ice cream, which later coats the lamingtons thicker than normal, which is not only totally delicious but also helps them to last longer. If that’s your thing, I’m sure you’ll expect more berries, yogurt and cream cakes like this. 

The sponge dough must be light and fluffy and needs a little structure to keep its shape while being rolled in the chocolate glaze and coconut. The butter cake, which is a bit sturdy at first, becomes wonderfully moist and tender after being dipped in chocolate, while the chocolate glaze gives exactly what you need to soften and achieve the perfect consistency. If the cake is too soft or crumbly, it can be difficult to work with, and it can also absorb too much frosting. 

This lamington cake is perfect as it is, and it is not overly sweet (or At least that’s what I thought when I read the recipe). Don’t worry about the amount of sugar you need for the chocolate icing; it seems too much, but it isn’t, because this Lamedton cake is just perfect in every way they are. 

Lamington is an Australian cake classic that consists of a simple vanilla sponge cake smothered in a rich chocolate ganache and rolled in sweet coconut. I assume that the sweetness of the dried coconut in the cake, together with vanilla and chocolate, cuts through the sweetness, making it the perfect accompaniment to the rich, creamy chocolate glaze. 

The ganache is rich and creamy and a great way to give the pastry a more exotic flavor and a nice touch of spice. 

It is a perfect square of vanilla cake which is then dipped in chocolate and rolled in unsweetened coconut. Let the coconut flakes fall out where they can, then deglaze with the ganache and a dash of maple syrup. 

Lamingtons are often filled with jam or chocolate pudding, but I decided to make my lamingtons version filled for the first time. I had the pleasure of making strawberry lemonade macarons, which were Amazeballs, and then I got to know the Australian version. Lamingtons sponge dough is a great recipe that I have used in many other recipes, none of which I share here. 

The classic lamingtons, which are made according to the traditional old school, have no jam or cream in the middle, they are simply made with storage clips. It’s soft and buttery, but not too sweet, which I wanted, with the added sweetness you get from powdered chocolate. 


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