Marathon Man Incredible Transformation


Morrow ran for the first time in his life on the day of his first marathon in 2009. Morrow managed to lose 30kg after realizing he had put on weight due to his lifestyle before the marathon. 

marathon man incredible transformation

After moving his life from the United States to Australia, Morrow led a lifestyle in which he ran consistently and was branded as one of the most successful marathon runners in the world and a world-class athlete. With the help of his wife and business partner Bethbee, he lost more than 30 kilograms in just two years using alternative Chinese herbal medicine. On his return to Australia, Brad Fittler, who was coaching the Sydney Roosters at the time, saw the 45-year-old set up a Facebook page to inspire others by running in a Superman suit. 

His superhero efforts also led to him breaking the Guinness World Record for running 160 marathons on seven continents in just one year, totaling more than 200 races in about 16 months. Morrow continued his dream by running three marathons in a year to raise money for the elimination of child sexual assault through the Bravehearts charity. As for his next challenge before the marathon, he said he would start the race as soon as it was due and said he would run it every day of the year. 

Although Morrow’s current race count is 343, which includes three marathons in the past two-and-a-half years, he said he wants to reach 365 or one race a day a year. 

A keen runner, 45-year-old Terence Burger could have been hit and injured by tar in his first marathon. He said: “I ran one of the Cairns marathons and had a bad fall in the first 10km, dislocating my right shoulder, which was extremely painful. 

So he discovered the 12-week Speed Shred program and lost 21kg of fat in just 16 weeks. His incredible transformation has earned Terence an article in the April issue, available online at Magzter and Zinio

The 40-year-old has undergone an incredible transformation from a fresh-faced vet to a hairy Forrest Gump lookalike. Rovers’ journey began in September 2016 and he hopes to run across America next year as part of the New York City Marathon. The pictures show Rob looking as healthy as ever after a 12-week speed shred program and 12 weeks of weight loss. 

After a grueling pre-marathon training session, pictures show he is still smiling but struggled in his first run. But it spurred him on to start running regularly because he felt that a fire had been ignited in his stomach. 

Then he set out to run his first marathon this year, which he did in 2013 after taking part in the Brighton Marathon. At that point, however, he didn’t even have a marathon, let alone 401 in a row, on his radar. Smith caught the running bug so badly that he competed in 18 marathons around the world in 2014. 

Layne Brown started the year as a non-runner, transforming his body to be ready for the New York Marathon and making a lasting difference to his Illawarra community. The Wollongong man had been taking part in rugby league training, sprinting on football pitches, but never thought about running 30 kilometers. But the MacDonnell Ranges hit the nerve of his time, and with the help of his friends and family, he set about transforming himself and the Illawarra community. 

Morrow, 45, has completed 343 marathons on seven continents in the past decade, including the New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, and London Marathon. His Herculean task was also to break the Guinness World Record, which still bears his name, by running 160 marathons on all continents in a calendar year. The run-in 35-degree heat is part of his preparation for the New York Marathon on November 5. 

Australian Ninja Warrior steeplechase by four women, ranging from a Steve Irwin fan to an ex-Olympic gymnast. Who knows who will appear on the show, but over the next few weeks, they will face four women on an Australian Ninja Warrior obstacle course. 

After learning that the film about her life premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Brittany O’Neill started on a diet. The film, after all, is about how she went from an unmotivated, out-of-shape woman in her mid-twenties to a healthy marathon runner who finished 26.2 miles in less than four hours. After flying to New York City for her marathon run, she dropped the ideal number she had long dreamed of seeing on the scales. 


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