New CyberLandr turns electric ute into a motorhome

A company is turning the coming Tesla Cybertruck electric ute into the ultimate adventure vehicle with an array of clever features.

The futuristic Tesla Cybertruck is about to get even wilder.

Tesla has said its electric pick-up truck will enter production later this year, but that date is theoretical as the company has a history of missing ambitious production targets.

This hasn’t stopped an American outfit from already offering a wild new kit to turn the Cybertruck into a go-anywhere campervan.

Dubbed CyberLandr, the retractable camper turns the tray of the Cybertruck into a mini home on wheels.

CyberLandr makes the most of the compact space and squeezes a lot in.

There is a little kitchen with a sink, fridge and an induction cooktop, along with drawers and a decent amount of benchspace.

The CyberLandr also gives you the chance to get some work done with two high-density foam chairs with pivoting tables. Video conferencing is taken care of thanks to a 32-inch Smart TV and satellite wireless capability.

Once the work is done the chairs recline and transform into a queen sized bed. The double pane windows have an electrochromic dimming function that provides increased privacy.

CyberLandr has managed to fit a bathroom in with a cold shower with filtered recirculated water. A UV sterilisation filter guarantees clean drinking water no matter the source.

There is dry flush toilet that allows up to 15 flushes.

The roof is packed with 500-watt solar panels that replenish the Cybertruck’s batteries and powers the camper.

The retractable camper has the added bonus of folding flat so it doesn’t create any extra aerodynamic drag.

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Aerodynamics are extremely important to electric cars as drag has a significant effect on the vehicle’s range.

The camper will add up to 600kg to the weight of the car, which will reduce range and compromise driving dynamics.

Prices for the conversion start at $US49,995 ($65,500), but you can save up to $10,000 off the price if you put down a deposit.

This is more than the starting price for a Tesla Cybertruck, although the circa-$US40,000 ($52,000) price tag isn’t fully confirmed.

Tesla might not offer the cheapest version for some time, though. Tesla followed a similar rollout with the Model 3 and launched initially with pricier dual-motor, all-wheel drive versions.

The Tesla Cybertruck was first revealed in 2019 and turned heads with its unusual Blade Runner-style design and quirky features such as bullet-resistant glass and self-levelling air suspension.

There will be a range of variants according to Tesla including single, dual and tri-motor examples and all-wheel drive options.

The Cybertruck isn’t expected in Australia anytime soon as the maker’s models often arrive Down Under more than a year after they go on sale in the US.

There are also concerns on whether the Cybertruck’s design will meet strict safety standards.

ANCAP, which is responsible for crash testing vehicles in Australia, has previously expressed concern for the risk posed to pedestrians and cyclists due to the vehicle’s angular shape and stainless steel construction.

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