TikTok user captures moment car, horse collide on Bankstown street

The moment a horse riding down a Sydney street collided with a car has been captured on social media.

Drivers and pedestrians in Bankstown were treated to a bizarre sight on Thursday night when a man was spotted riding a horse through a set of traffic lights before it collided with a car.

The moment was captured by a stunned TikTok user.

“Lad this c**t is not riding a f***ing horse in the middle of f***ing Bankstown,” the man behind the camera can be heard saying.

As the small car moves forward, it collides with the horse and its rider, catching the man, the driver, and the filmer all off guard.

“No way I just recorded that,” the TikTok user said.

The horse and its rider can be seen moving back to the car they collided with that had come to a stop.

The two peoples involved in the collision can be seen chatting while the video’s uploader descends into hysterics.

While the TikTok user said he had checked on the horse, and it was “all right”, the comments section quickly became full of strangers enjoying the content.

“Insurance company: ‘you hit a what?’,” one user wrote.

“No choice. Petrol price too high,” another said.

“Why is it always lit in Bankstown?” one questioned.

Others said they had seen the same horse earlier in the day “walking in the middle of the road”.

Some called out the rider for being “abusive to the horse”.

Others came to the rider’s defence, with one user writing the car was in the wrong.

“We always have to give way to a horse. It’s the law, at least in QLD it is,” she wrote.

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But, it was the TikTok user’s laugh at the end of the video that caused some users to react.

“Why your laugh built like that?” one wrote.

“Bruh, is that pennywise recording?” another joked.

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