Townsville cop allegedly shot dead neighbour’s four dogs

The former officer has been charged after being accused of shooting and burying the four beloved pets.

A north Queensland police officer is accused of shooting his neighbour’s four dogs to death before burying them nearby.

Greg Baker was employed as a policeman in Townsville at the time of the alleged senseless act.

The 44-year-old from Black River is alleged to have shot and killed the four dogs after they had wandered onto a nearby farm animal feed yard in early July.

Police will allege Mr Baker shot the beloved pets with a rifle before dragging the dead bodies away and burying them in a shallow grave.

Queensland Police confirmed to NCA NewsWire that Mr Baker was charged on March 21 with dangerous conduct with a weapon and injuring animals.

Baker served as a constable across Townsville but is no longer employed by the police, though it’s believed his resignation was unrelated to the allegations of killing dogs.

The owners of the labrador-cross, two german shepherd-cross and staghound dogs were devastated by the incident, initially pleading for help on Facebook to locate the pets before their deaths were revealed.

They have since posted online they couldn’t “contain their rage”.

A weapon was seized from Mr Baker’s home during a police raid following the shooting, according to the Townsville Bulletin.

He is due to face court at the end of April.

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