Man jailed after offering to ‘fool around’ and ‘try first n second base’ with 13-year-old stepdaughter

A man who texted his 13-year-old stepdaughter asking to ‘fool around n try first n second base’ has been put behind bars.

A South Australian father has been jailed for sending inappropriate text messages and offering to show a sex act to his 13-year-old stepdaughter.

The man, whose identify remains suppressed, fronted the Adelaide Supreme Court last Friday and was convicted at trial of two counts of aggravated communicating with the intention of making a child amenable to sexual activity.

He previously pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to sentencing remarks, the man in his 30s texted the young teen to establish a rapport with her and offered to “fool around” and “try first n second base”.

The victim was his partner’s daughter, whom he had custody of. The couple also share three young children.

The court was told the man from Adelaide’s northern suburbs made his first move on the child in November 2018 when they were home alone one night.

He noticed she was texting her boyfriend and asked her if she had gone to first and second base.

When the teen said she didn’t know what that was, he explained and raised the topic of the sex act.

The defendant then asked if she had given or seen one, had her first kiss or watched any porn and told her he could show her how everything was done, which she refused.

Judge Simon Stretton said the victim was shaken by the man’s actions but concluded he was “being silly” because he had been drinking.

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The culprit made a second attempt just two weeks later, messaging the victim while waiting for a medical appointment, saying the victim’s mother was being “so much of a ball breaker, hey”.

The court was told the man complimented the teen’s looks and apologised for their past encounter, a remark Judge Stretton said was “not genuine”.

The teen said she wasn’t bothered so the man ”took that as a green light” to repeat the offer to her.

“This is inconsistent with any purported genuine concern that the previous discussion may have upset her,” the judge said.

“She said she had not further considered your offer. This only caused you to persist, introducing pathos to further your rapport with her by sending a sad face in response to her saying that she had not further considered your offer.

“You knew exactly what you were doing and how wrong it was because you then demanded by proof of photograph that you were speaking with the victim.”

The court was told the pedophile then asked the girl to promise not to show anyone the text he was about to send, again making a sexual offer: “Like fooling around n trying first n second base.”

Judge Stretton said the text messages had “all the flavour of a clever and manipulative process” of grooming the girl towards sexual activity.

“Your conduct was an appalling betrayal of the trust bestowed on you by the mother and the victim,” he said.

The defendant also managed to convince or “manipulate” his partner into thinking his actions were innocent, consequently damaging the relationship between the victim and her mother.

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“The plain fact of the matter is that your offending, convincing the mother of your innocence and causing her to side with you against her own daughter, is the catalyst for the destruction of their relationship and her estrangement from (her) siblings,” Judge Stretton said.

“It has affected her ability to trust people, and she suffered from depression and anxiety.

“She feels that she has been blamed for what has happened. Absolutely none of this is her fault. Your offending is entirely your fault and your fault alone.”

The man was sentenced to two years and five months in jail, with a non-parole period of one year and 11 months.

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