How much do Instagram ads cost in Australia?

In many ways, Instagram ads are similar to Facebook ads. This is not surprising, because Instagram is part of the Facebook network. Recently, we discussed how to calculate the cost of Facebook advertising. This article focuses on Facebook. Very visual, the brother of Instagram’s growing popularity. How much does Instagram advertising cost? Like Facebook, Instagram ads do not set a price. You create a bid for ad placement. In theory, Instagram advertising Australia will serve ads for the company with the highest bid in a given ad space. Everything is more complicated. And you cannot guarantee that Instagram will accept the ads you provide and post them on the Instagram account you bid for. There are more places to find places for you only need the highest bidding ad.

Higher levels of engagement than Facebook ads

According to Forrester’s research, Instagram is ten times more likely to engage with brands than Facebook. Compared with other social networks, Instagram advertising Australia has a greater advantage. This provides a huge opportunity for brands that want to connect with their followers. Demographics of Sprout Social on Instagram. They found that Instagram has both teenage and female prejudices. This means that you will have to pay more for Instagram ads that target these demographics (especially young women). You don’t have to pay huge fees to attract young people.


To partially offset the increase in Instagram engagement, the cost of advertising there may be higher than the cost of Facebook advertising, but Facebook advertising is not the first Instagram is very different from the two platforms in terms of interaction, which means you may pay more for Instagram ads, but the overall effect may be better.

Create Instagram ads in the most profitable way

Too many people post ads on Instagram (usually on Facebook) without knowing what they are doing. Therefore, it is not surprising that these people often lose money. You need to carefully consider who you want to target and create perfect ads for them.

Instagram divides its advertising manager into three areas:

  •         Campaign
  •         Ad set
  •         Announcement

Through the following three parts, you can create an ad:

  •         Set the campaign details
  •         You first target the entire Instagram marketing campaign
  •         In the process, there is no value or no Know what to do you want him you need to start the campaign by defining the goals of the campaign.
  •         Specify details for your ad set

You can choose from several settings based on your preferred destination. For example, if you want to focus on increasing traffic, you will be asked if you want to target a website, app, or Messenger. Then, the system will ask you if you want a quote to help people convert based on your goals. This section is all about your real Instagram ads. Your first choice is to choose an ad format:

  •         Carousel
  •         Picture
  •         Video
  •         Slideshow

Please note that the “favorite” option is currently only available for Facebook mobile channels, not Instagram. If you want to use Instagram Stories for advertising, you can choose one of the following options:

  •         Instagram Stories single image
  •         Single Instagram Stories video
  •         If you want to reduce advertising costs

Carousel ads are usually considered the best value for money. After selecting the ad format, Instagram advertising Australia will provide other information needed to create the ad. This includes images, links, and videos, and very important calls to action.

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