What are the Latest Advancements in Lasik Surgery?     

Lasik surgery is a widespread choice for people who wish to have clear vision. These surgeries are of different types and require extreme precision. 

Nowadays, getting eye surgery is very easy compared to older times when everything relied on the knowledge of the doctor performing your surgery. Still, as it is an important matter concerning eyes, you should contact the most experienced corrective Lasik surgery experts like It will help you to understand thoroughly what Lasik surgery consists of and what other advanced options are available to choose from.

What is Lasik Surgery?

Lasik eye surgery is done on patients who have spectacles or contact lenses to improve their vision quality. Lasik surgery is becoming more and more advanced today due to the breakthroughs being achieved on the technological front. 

Doctors are more aware of technology than ever before. As technology progresses, its adoption also increases. More and more doctors are turning to use medical equipment brimmed and enhanced with technology. 

Here are some of the advancements in Lasik surgery procedures.

All-Laser Lasik

Some years back, Lasik surgeries were performed by using surgical blades over the cornea of patients. This surgery was a bit complex and often stood as a risky option for critical patients. So, doctors and researchers have surfaced with a new type of Lasik surgery.

As the name suggests, this surgery does not use a blade like the traditional Lasik surgery. Doctors use a guided and precise laser to develop the corneal opening. This surgery is good if you want to minimise human errors and resultant risks. 

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Wavefront-Optimised Lasik Surgery

Wavefront-Optimised Lasik surgery is an advanced-level Lasik surgery that is highly personalised. In this surgery, wavefront technology is used to capture data and information about the patient’s cornea. This gathered data is then used to provide a completely personalised Lasik surgery treatment plan. 

No two people have the same cornea. Hence, you can be sure that whichever treatment and surgery procedure you get will be tailored according to your needs. Patients who want exceptional results from their surgeries often resort to wavefront-optimised Lasik surgery.


Small Incision Lenticule Extraction is the newest offering in Lasik surgery. Often termed as SMILE, this Lasik surgery has been used heavily as it is the best solution to have a clear vision.

SMILE utilises just one powerful laser and develops a new contact lens-shaped layer beneath the corneal surface. After some time, the newly created layer is removed from a tiny opening in the cornea, and the surrounding tissues are left to heal and improve the patient’s vision. 

SMILE is becoming extremely popular as it is entirely risk-free and protects the patient from developing flap complications, as seen in Laser Lasik surgery and other traditional ways. Moreover, recovery is also pretty fast in the SMILE surgery procedure, and most patients recover a 20/20 vision before the completion of the second day.

Eyes are an essential part of the human body, and without eyes, it is challenging to survive. So, before proceeding with any surgical procedure over the eyes, you should be sure about the risks and complications involved in the surgery. Getting Lasik surgery done from reputed hospitals will help you get better treatment and protect your eyes. 

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