Everything You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo removal in Melbourne is more common nowadays. With the option of tattoo removal, more and more people are showing their desire to get rid of their old tattoos and print new ones on the body. 

After a point, you get bored with your tattoo or it gets blurred and loses the kind of sharpness it had earlier. In this case, it is better to remove the old tattoo and get a new tattoo printed as per your thoughts and linking. 

What is laser tattoo removal ?

Laser tattoo removal in Melbourne is the most widely practised method for removing the tattoo convincingly and effectively. In this laser treatment, light beams of very high energy are used to remove the tattoo ink. 

The beams of light are focused on the targeted area of the skin. The heat energy from the light beam breaks down the tattoo ink, which then gets dissolved and drained by the body as a natural process. 

With successive treatment sessions the tattoo ink gets dissolved completely eliminating any signs of the tattoo. Thus, you achieve tattoo free skin. If you want, within a few weeks you can go ahead and get a new tattoo on your skin. 

Laser treatment is non surgical and non invasive. Therefore, the treatment process is very efficient and does not cause much downtime. You can go back to your normal routine almost immediately after the procedure. 

Removing tattoos is easier than you think

While getting the tattoo made in the body, indelible ink is inserted into the dermis or middle layer of the skin. In this layer the pigment gets retained indefinitely. However, tattoos are not permanent imprints and could be removed when desired. 

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The time taken to remove the tattoos, however, depends on the number of colours used in the tattoo and the depth of the imprint. With laser treatment tattoos can be removed completely.

Laser technology breaks the ink

The Revlite laser used in laser tattoo removal sends laser beams deep into the dermis where the ink is present. The heat energy from the laser beams breaks the ink into smaller particles. The process is very swift and easy. No surgery or incision is required.  You may feel some discomfort due to the laser beams but that is temporary and goes away after treatment.

The dispersed ink particles then get dissolved by the body and get drained from the body naturally. Therefore, no more effort is needed to post the laser treatment for tattoo removal.

Fast processes for tattoo removal usually leave behind scars

While you know that laser treatment for tattoo removal is the best, you may get tempted by various fast tattoo removal options advertised in the market. Those are good cliches that help to attract people but do not provide convincing treatment. Further, the fast tattoo removal procedures increase the risk of scarring post-treatment. Therefore, it’s more damage done than anything gained.

You must remember that effective treatment is one that gives comprehensive results without any major side effects to complications. Laser treatment is swift, effective and provides comprehensive results without causing any long term side effects. You may need multiple treatment sessions depending on the complexity of the tattoo but comprehensive tattoo removal is certain.

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Revlite Laser treatment is the best

Revlite Laser is the advanced technology we use at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre for effective tattoo removal. Revlite Laser focuses the light beams more effectively on the targeted area of the skin. Therefore, the impact of the laser light is only on the targeted area of the skin, the skin nearby is left as it is. This makes the treatment more effective and allows us to deliver conclusive results. 

The advanced Q-Switched laser machine is used for this procedure. Revlite laser is the most effective with the Q-Switched laser machine and is highly cost-effective. Revlite laser is easily capable of removing a wide variety of tattoos, such as homemade tattoos, professional multicoloured tattoos, and surgical tattoos. However, some tattoos or rather some tattoos pigments may not respond or take longer to respond to laser treatment. However, the results of the laser treatment are very conclusive with minimal impact on the skin. Therefore, you retain your healthy skin while getting your tattoo removed.

Laser tattoo removal is the best way to remove your tattoo securely, without any surgery or incisions. 

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre provides the most comprehensive laser treatment for tattoo removal. If you have any queries or doubts about laser tattoo removal in Melbourne, then visit our skin specialist today.

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