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How Not to End Up with a Plumbing Disaster in Your Home

With the daily hustle and bustle in life, it’s easy to forget the things that also play a vital role in our daily life. A simple clog in your sink can quickly go sideways when it’s not detected and fixed in time. So whether you’re someone that’s always away or you’re just at home but too busy with anything that you can’t find time to look into your plumbing, this blog is for you. Keep reading as we share with you some helpful tips on how to make sure you don’t end up with bad plumbing at home and to get to know the signs that will tell you it’s about time to call for professional help.

Signs of a bad plumbing

  1. Random strange noise coming from your plumbing – You expect your plumbing to work without a fuss but unfortunately, they’re not perfect. You may notice that overtime, some of them may make some strange noise that might scare you a little, especially when you’re alone. Try to listen closely instead and follow where the sound leads you. You need to use your great sense of hearing at this point so you’ll figure out which part of your plumbing is causing this noise. If the water pressure in your home gets too high for your home’s plumbing system to handle,  there’s a loose part or the water flow is obstructed, the plumbing pipe will  produce some noise. To make matters worse, loud noises coming from your pipes can actually be signs of upcoming episodes of plumbing problems in your pipes. If left untreated, these issues can become disastrous over time.

2. A whiff of unpleasant smell from your drains – You did all things possible to keep your space neat and clean but you still smell a whiff of dead fish in your home. Anything your drain takes other than water can stick to the sides of the pipes or sit in the U-bend. This over time gives the opportunity for bacteria to cause it to decay and gives off an unpleasant smell. If your sewer is clogged up and your U-bend has dried up because of a leak, sewer gases will be able to waft up your pipe too. Sometimes, there’s more to this smell than what your nose can sense so, if this is what’s going on in your home, you need to call a plumber right away.

 3. Ponding water in the yard – If the sun is scorching hot but you notice water that doesn’t seem to go away in your yard, be warned. Check if the water is sitting where your sewer pipe is running or for tree roots going towards the sewer line. If this is the case, there’s a good chance that your sewer line is leaking. Tree roots are naturally attracted to sewer lines because they provide sources of nutrients they essentially need. They can squeeze through leaks in sewer pipes and make it a perfect place to grow in great width and lengths. Advise the sewer experts, like the pipe relining Sydney professionals right away. If you hold off calling a professional, you will only end up with a collapsed sewer line in no time.

4. Slow-draining sink – A sluggish drain is a common plumbing problem in anyone’s home. Food waste, even soap washed down the drain can gradually collect in the pipe. The buildup that it makes over time shrinks the size of the pipe, and eventually slows down the flow of the water. Not only are buildup of waste and debris can cause the drain to take time, but as well as clogs in the main sewer line. Because clogs can be sitting somewhere down the line too, not just in your sink drain, it’s best to get an expert to visit your home to find out the root cause and remedy the problem.

5. Pest keeps making an appearance – Are there uninvited visitors that keep making an appearance in your home? Rats and roaches are common pests that like to live in a poorly conditioned sewer line. They’re not only appearing to give you an icky feel, but also to bring bad news that not too long, your sewer line will reach its end of service life. So, while it’s not yet too late, do yourself a favor, do all things possible to save yourself from headache and costly repair.

Professional’s tips to keep your plumbing in good shape

  • Regularly check for tree roots growing towards your sewer line
  • Avoid flushing things that don’t dissolve or break down in the drain
  • Call the professionals right away if you notice something is wrong, like slow-drain
  • Ask a plumber to do regular sewer camera inspection and drain cleaning
  • Hire a plumbing company that provides pipe relining services Sydney to fix fractures in your pipe i.e. leaks, gaps, holes, and breaks

Final Thoughts

Under good conditions, your plumbing should work without a problem. But, the fact that it’s being used daily and on numerous occasions makes it susceptible to different factors that can make it reach its point of failure. Before it becomes terribly late, watch out for the signs and seek plumber’s advice about your options for pipe repair right away. Keep in mind that waiting too long or hiring a wrong person for any plumbing job can easily spell disaster in your home. If you don’t want this to happen, contact Revolution Pipe Relining, your local Sydney pipe relining company. We can carry out a pipe relining procedure in your fractured pipes, and even feed through a camera down the drain to inspect other possible future problems. Our pipe relining cost is much cheaper than when you wait to fix plumbing problems later. So, don’t look further, our team can fix your plumbing no matter what condition it is in right now, so you don’t end up with a plumbing disaster in your home.


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