Why is Video the Hottest Growth Hack Right Now?

Video is the most powerful medium of communication. It has the power to convert customers advocates, attract more traffic, and boost conversions. With a free version of any video maker, you can leverage video content for everything from sales pitches to employee onboarding. Several reasons explain the popularity of videos these days. Videos are more engaging than texts or images, as people can easily relate to the content and feel connected with it. 

The marketing scenario is changing, and it’s time for you to change your approach. This means many business owners and marketers are scrambling to learn how to create their videos, and if you create engaging videos with a video maker, it can do wonders.

Video content is booming when it comes to marketing. It’s not just the professionals creating video ads anymore. The average consumer has been constantly inundated with videos on every social network they use. 

Let’s take a look at why video is the best growth hack right now.

Brand Awareness and Engagement

Video is the future of social media, and it’s here to stay. Marketers embracing this new form of content will see better results for building brand awareness and engagement. Instagram ads are a great way to engage audiences. You can create a video with free video makers available online and use that as an introduction to your brand and product demos. 

In addition, they work well as content for your other social media channels. On Facebook, adding a video to a post increases organic reach by 150% and increases the likelihood of people taking action by 80%.

If you want to promote your business on social media, then videos are the way to go. Videos help you tell a story for your brand that is more engaging and worth watching. The best thing about video marketing is that it is affordable, accessible, and simple, even for beginners.

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It Has an Elevated Shelf-Life.

People tend to view and share videos more often than other types of content. As a result, the shelf life of your video marketing strategy is longer than that of other formats such as photos or written text. Longer shelf life will allow you to create videos that remain on your target audience’s feed for longer than usual.

It’s Gaining Traction Across All Channels.

Content creators can create one video with a video maker and then repurpose the same on Instagram Reels and TikTok. This ensures that they have a higher reach while saving time. As of now, Instagram and TikTok are the most widely used social media platforms by brands. Repurposing the same video will enable you to reach a larger audience while saving time and money spent on creating new videos.


Instagram introduced reels to encourage the use of video content. Furthermore, reels appear twice as frequently on the Explore Page as regular posts, giving inventors an improved opportunity to gain popularity through video content than normal picture posts.


Say goodbye to the days when your display could only be a photo. Now Facebook even permits its users to post a video in a previously designated space for your display picture. Facebook now allows users to post videos in their ‘About’ section to encourage the use of videos.


It is primarily a video content platform. To motivate users to post more videos, YouTube has launched a new feature called ‘Shorts,’ which allows YouTubers to post videos only a few seconds long.

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Because Google owns YouTube, it keeps promoting video usage. As a result, video content will appear more prominently in search results than regular articles or posts.

Right from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, companies have all come up with a video platform of their own. Gone are the days when people would rather read content than watch a short video.

It Pertains to the Audience.

Each generation is extremely interconnected and uses platforms such as YouTube for education and entertainment in these days and ages. For example, TikTok is an app that allows users to share short videos with their friends on social media. It was launched in 2016 as a spin-off from and has become one of the most popular platforms these days. 

These platforms have gained popularity so soon that people slowly started to use them these days and night. After Tiktok, we could witness the same feature being activated on Youtube and Instagram. Do you realize how powerful video can be? 

It is an Effective Sales Tools

A video is a powerful tool that allows brands to deliver better customer experiences. Background story, product details, and usage tips can be covered in a detailed manner using videos. Videos are also more engaging than static images or text, as it helps customers understand the purpose of the product.

It has created an innovative method of creating and distributing videos, thus making it easy for both B2B and B2C marketers to create and distribute videos cost-effectively.

Video Marketing Does Not Require Huge Pennies.

Video marketing is not expensive since you can create a quality video with minimal effort. Moreover, it does not require a large production team to produce high-quality videos. Therefore, it saves you money and time. Many companies have started creating videos to market their products and services on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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It Is Simple to Make Videos.

Video marketing has changed the way businesses market their products. Gone are the days when you had to hire a professional videographer, as online video editing tools have made it possible for anyone to create high-quality videos without much effort. Whether you are an experienced marketer or not, creating videos does not require a lot of money or effort. Today, there are plenty of free and paid tools that will help you create standardized videos in no time.

The Last Verdict

Nowadays, social media is all about visual content. From Pinterest to Instagram and Snapchat, the number of videos shared over these platforms has increased drastically. Video marketing offers numerous benefits. Videos are of great help to businesses in promoting their products and services. Businesses using videos create more leads, increase traffic, grow sales, improve SEO ranking, boost conversion rates, save money on marketing expenses and attract more customers.

While it is easier than ever to create videos on your mobile phone or computer with a video maker, you need to understand what type of video will best suit your needs. You need to figure out how to use videos for brand promotion, product or service promotion, or content creation.

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