Building an Electric Scooter App Like Bird, Lime

Just a few years ago, almost out of the blue, electric scooters appeared everywhere. Now revenue in the e-Scooter-sharing segment is projected to reach US$1,752.00m in 2022. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2026) of 13.31%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$2,888.00m by 2026. And that is just the beginning.

One of the key factors behind the successful growth of the global e-scooter industry is that it is the best form of urban mobility to overcome some of the major mobility challenges faced by modern cities. Namely:

  • Waiting time – a scooter doesn’t have to wait; you can ride it right away. Due to this, it wins over, for example, public transport and cabs.
  • Speed of travel – where city residents would move on foot, on a scooter it can be done several times faster.
  • Congested traffic (e.g. on the subway or bus during rush hour) – a scooter is free to ride alone.
  • Unpredictable traffic – there are no traffic jams on a scooter.
  • High price – it’s cheaper to ride a scooter than a cab.
  • Ecology – it’s more environmentally friendly to travel by scooter than by cars that use gasoline.

The electric scooter app is already a leader of micro-mobility in many cities. In San Francisco, according to researchers, in 2021, the number of trips by scooter exceeded those by bicycle by 20 percent. And next year, esoocters are expected to take over 80% of the micro-mobility market, according to industry participants.

The cornerstones of such services are the electric scooter apps. So how to develop an electric scooter app and how much will it cost? Let’s find out.

How to develop an electric scooter app and how much does it cost?

The main factors that influence the cost of an electric scooter app are functionality and time spent on development. Let’s deal with the features first.

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So if you look at examples of the most successful electric scooter apps development cases like Bird and Lime, their key features boil down to the following items:


A good positioning system is at the base of every electric scooter app. This system allows users to quickly and conveniently locate the nearest scooter and also prevents theft.

Smart locking

Scooter access control is the basics of electric scooter app development. With this feature, a user can lock the electric scooter so that the next user can use it.

QR codes processing

The unlock of the scooters is made by QR codes. Every electric scooter app needs the development of a system for reading these codes.

Admin panel

The scooter fleet is managed from the admin panel. During the development process, you have to make sure that its functionality is broad enough to monitor the vehicle status and manage the whole system.

Secure payment gateway

A good electric scooter app must have at least two payment systems. Moreover, you need to make sure that the payments are done in a secure way for the scooter users.

These are the necessary minimum of features for an electric scooter app. Now, let’s see how long the development of such an app takes. As an example let’s take the electric scooter app C24, developed by the Ukrainian e-scooter app development company RexSoft:

  • Design – 80h;
  • App development – 360h;
  • Back-end development/App API – 280h;
  • Super Admin CMS – 140h;
  • Device API – 160h.

That’s a total of 1020h in total. With an average $75/h development cost in the USA, the development of this electric scooter app will cost $76,800.

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Is there any way to reduce development costs? Yes. For example, you can outsource the scooter sharing app development to a company in a more favorable region. At a $40/h development fee in Ukraine, developing a quality electric scooter app will only cost you $40,800.

Consumption patterns in electric scooter services may differ significantly from city to city. For example, resort cities make significantly more recreational trips, while cities with a population of millions have the maximum shift toward the transportation scenario. The scenario directly affects the duration of the trip and the average bill for the city, and the share of transport trips (75-90% of trips depending on the city) has been growing in recent years for e-scooter services. It’s high time to take your place in this niche, and RexSoft development company experts will help you with this by creating a high-quality electric scooter app. Just contact us!

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