Welcome 2023 With These New Men’s Bag Trends

There’s a misconception that men aren’t as fashion-forward as women, and that is simply not the truth anymore. Once upon a time, a man who owned a bag was made fun of, now the men with overstuffed pockets are judged. In this more open day and age, there are plenty of men who keep their eyes on the trends coming into the market for men’s luxury bags

With the rise of social media, many men are trying their hardest to keep on top of the best trends and come across as in the know, and this is the right place to be to get ahead of the rest and keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion. 

The Leather Laptop Messenger

A classic, good leather bag will always be in trend, and this includes the leather messenger work bag. You can see this bag everywhere. It’s the optimal travel and work bag hybrid. So you can commute to your corporate weekday job and to the bar afterwards, with no stress. This is most often seen on the shoulders of men on their way to work and also when taking work trips. Opt for a bag in neutral tones to suit everything and you’re set to go. 

Small Bags Are Here

Smaller bags have been seen all over the runways this year, but in the case of men’s bags, these aren’t as tiny as women’s bags are. They’re just coming in more unique shapes and sizes. You can see this in the triangle bags, or the belted bags from LV Australia. Still super stylish, still super wearable, just without the room to spare. This is a great bag for a day out with your friends, or even to take to your casual workplace. The options are endless.

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Big Bags for Big Style

When I say big bags, I don’t mean just one type of big bag. This season, we’re seeing big bags in all shapes and sizes. I mean it. You can see oversized tote bags, oversized boho bags, oversized pillowy bags, and oversized suitcases. I could keep going. The important part to remember with oversized bags isn’t just the carrying capacity. Oversized bags are a statement piece, forget the outfit, and people will remember the bag when they see you, that’s how eye-catching you will be. So, if you want to make one hell of a fashion statement, oversized bags are great. 

Structured Bags for Men

When I say a structured bag for a man, you’ve already thought of suitcases. But suitcases are always on trend for men. I’m taking it one step further and optioning structured shoulder bags for men. These aren’t messenger bags; these are proper shoulder bags with a structured look. Coming in pops of colours, these bags were seen on both men and women on all the runways and are great for the men making a fashion moment happen. I can already see them at all the festivals.  

Unisex Bags Are Always In

So you’ve taken a look at the women’s trends and you’re wondering if it’s a good idea? Let me answer this question for you, it always is. As time goes on gendered bags are becoming a term brand are using because it’s a way to distinguish styles as masculine and feminine In a traditional manner. You don’t have to stick with this. If you like women’s trends go for them. 

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One of the most unique women’s trends for the coming 2023 season that is absolutely unisex friendly is the woven winter handbag, it’s popping up everywhere and looks cosy, you could wear this with a suit if you wanted to. Then there is the option for streetwear lovers: chains on bags are big in 2023, and hand in hand with this are pockets on bags. These look great with more minimal looks. 

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