5 Shoe Hacks All Men Should Know About

We have some amazing shoe hacks that will change your life.

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Hack to Get Rid of Bad Odor

Walk into your closet and sniff. Does it stink? If yes, then the reason is that there is leftover moisture in there, and bacteria has started to feel itself at home and grow. Before you start to freak out, let us tell you a quick hack.

All you need to do is to grab some dry green tea bags and place one in each of your shoes – including your super comfy and stylish pair of air force 1. The green tea will absorb all of the foul odor, and the next time you are heading out, you will have the odor replaced with a fresh smell.

Hack to Fix Wet Shoes

Suppose your shoes get wet – there is absolutely no need to panic. Understandably, leather shoes can easily be ruined by water. As mentioned before, leaving moisture in your shoes won’t only cause them to stink – but – the water can damage the leather.

The hack is that you will want to put some newspaper inside your shoes overnight as soon as you get home. This way, you will ensure that the quality of your leather shoes stays intact.

Hack to Make the Sole of Leather Dress Shoes Comfortable

No matter how much you are into your pair of air force 1, all men need a nice pair of leather dress shoes. You cannot head to Footlocker Australia to change the colors of your sneakers for every occasion. Apart from sneakers – you need a pair of dress shoes as well.

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The only problem is that the first couple of times you wear the leather dress shoes, the sole will be so smooth that you will find yourself slipping all over the place, which can be dangerous too. The hack is to create the perfect friction by gently sanding the leather sole with some sandpaper.

Like a fabulous pair of sneakers – let us say – a pair of the air force 1, a nice pair of leather dress shoes can elevate any outfit.

Hack to Fix Slightly Bigger-Sized Shoes

If you have gotten yourself a pair of shoes that are half a size too big, you can add some insoles. Insoles are made to elevate your feet inside the shoes and make your feet feel snug so that the shoes actually fit you.

Nonetheless, a rule for wearing and buying sneakers, such as the air force 1, is that you will want to purchase a half-size bigger pair of shoes.

The underlying reason is that if you are planning to wear your sneakers for a longer time, especially if you are being active, fluid might accumulate in your feet – causing your feet to swell.

Hack for Waterproofing Your Shoes

You wouldn’t want to wear your canvas sneakers out in the cold – in the winter when the weather is wet and cold. But – if sneakers are all you have, you have to make them waterproof. All you need to do is to grab a candle made of beeswax and apply it to the canvas sneakers.

Afterward, apply some heat to seal that wax in. This way, your shoes will be waterproof, and your feet will remain dry.

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