Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert celebrates her divorce on Twitter with a Kath and Kim video

After spending more than two years locked up in a notorious Iranian prison, Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert is finally home – and she isn’t just celebrating her freedom.

Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert spent more than two years locked up in a notorious Iranian prison – but her new-found freedom isn’t the only thing she’s celebrating.

Dr Moore-Gilbert, a lecturer in Islamic studies at the University of Melbourne, returned to Australia in November 2020 after the Federal Government negotiated her release from Iran in a prisoner swap deal.

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She was arrested at Tehran Airport in September 2018 with authorities accusing her of being a spy and sentencing her to 10 years in prison.

Despite continually denying the charges, the 33-year-old spent 804 days in some of Iran’s most notorious prisons, living in horrific conditions and subject to psychological torture.

Dr Moore-Gilbert officially divorced four months after arriving home

During her time in prison, Dr Moore-Gilbert’s marriage to her Russian-Israeli husband Ruslan Hodorov was kept completely secret.

The sensitivities of her being married to an Israeli while being accused of being an Israeli spy by Iranian authorities was seen as something that could create issues in negotiating Dr Moore-Gilbert’s release.

But just two days after returning home, Dr Moore-Gilbert discovered her husband had allegedly been having an affair with her colleague Dr Kylie Baxter.

According to the Herald Sun, the alleged affair began about a year after her 2018 arrest, but Dr Moore-Gilbert and her family were kept in the dark.

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Mr Hodorov, 31, and Dr Baxter fervently campaigned for Dr Moore-Gilbert’s release from prison.

Dr Moore-Gilbert and Mr Hodorov married just months before she flew to Iran.

Following the alleged affair hitting the news, reports surfaced that Dr Moore-Gilbert was filing for divorce.

And it appears Dr Moore-Gilbert is a single woman again, taking to Twitter to celebrate her divorce.

Dr Moore-Gilbert accompanied the tweet with some champagne bottle emojis and a Kath and Kim video about “wine time”.

She replied to a number of people praising her for the divorce.

“It’s only up from here,” she wrote to one.

After one Twitter user suggested she would “get DMs (direct messages) from all the single guys now”, Dr Moore-Gilbert replied, “If only haha.”

Government sources confirmed that Iran discovering she was in a relationship with an Israeli was the initial trigger for her arrest at Tehran airport.

Even while being imprisoned she defended her husband, with a letter smuggled out of jail from Dr Moore-Gilbert revealing authorities had tried to get her to trick her husband into coming to Israel.

“The Revolutionary Guard have imprisoned me in these terrible conditions for over nine months in order to extort me both personally and my government,” she wrote in the letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“They have also attempted to use me as a hostage in a diabolic plot to lure my husband, an Australian permanent resident (and soon to be now citizen) into joining me in an Iranian prison.”

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