HoReCa Software Development: Everything You Should Know

Today, HoReCa software is a very relevant issue for both novice and experienced restaurateurs. Why do businessmen care about this question? Let’s understand what HoReCa software is and what it is for.

What is HoReCa software?

Today HoReCa software for restaurants, bars, and cafes is not a fashionable innovation, but a necessary condition for the competitiveness of the business. Without special software it will not be possible to control the work of staff, sales will not go up, and costs will continue to rise. All the processes that take place in the institution need to be monitored. It is important to combine the activities of the kitchen, hall, warehouse, and cashier in one software, as well as take consider the possibility of accounting management there. Installing the software will make life easier for employees and management.

Why do we need HoReCa software?

The owner or administrator will be able to clearly evaluate the performance of the restaurant, cafe, or bar. All information is presented in a clear and accessible way. For example, you will be able to:

  • control the quantity of the remaining products and goods in stock;
  • make an automatic write-off of drinks and products spent on cooking dishes;
  • receive data on prepared meals;
  • create and change the menu (this function is extremely important because it allows the administrator or owner to make all the necessary current adjustments on the fly);
  • get accurate data on the movement of goods in your establishment (take into account the ingredients in the calculation of meals).
  • manage sales; 
  • make changes related to customers;
  • take orders;
  • calculate;
  • issue a receipt for the service received.
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The software can be also used to manage:

  • Marketing – make a discount on a dish or check, run promotions;
  • Logistics – to order products and track their location;
  • Accounting – to keep all the necessary records conveniently.

Simple software greatly increases productivity and the quality with which workers serve customers. And it also makes control over everything that happens on the premises available.

How is HoReCa software developed?

In order to create HoReCa software, it is necessary to take it through several key stages of restaurant app development process. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

IT Consulting

This is an analysis of the needs of the business owner, the target audience, and drawing up a general plan for the development of HoReCa software.

UX/UI design

At this stage of HoReCa software development, designers work on the appearance of the application and work through the logic of interaction between the interface elements.


This is where the HoReCa software developers write the application code. They work on the part visible to the user (the front end) and the server part (the back end).


This is the integration of HoReCa software into your business. It must happen as seamlessly as possible so that your work processes do not stop for a minute.


After the release of the HoReCa software, you need to make sure that everything runs smoothly. In addition, updates are installed at this stage if the situation requires it.

How much does it cost to develop HoReCa software?

The cost to build a restaurant app is somewhere between $2000-8000 comprehending basic features such as online delivery. If you want to add more complex features, the cost will increase.

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However, the cost of HoReCa software development can be significantly reduced. To do this you need to contact developers from the regions where the cost of specialists’ working hours is cheaper. For example, if you order the development in Eastern Europe, the price can be reduced by almost half compared to the United States.


HoReCa software is the right choice, which will definitely improve the quality of internal and external processes and allow you to control them more effectively. Table reservation service is the entry point for guests, accounting software is responsible for internal restaurant processes, and a CRM system allows you to control and analyze the performance of tasks. Contact Perfsol now and we will help you in developing your HoReCa software.

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