Choose The Right Real Estate Agent with These Qualities

A fantastic real estate agent knows that buying and selling property is more than just about the home, it’s about the people. They know that the sales process is hard and they know how to make it better. Although it sounds too good to be true there are agencies out there who have incredible real estate agents ready to go. 

But what qualities do you look out for? This article outlines everything for you. 

 They Communicate With Clients Well

Dealing with an agent who isn’t good at communicating can be stressful for both sellers and buyers. You need the best real estate agent who will always keep you informed about your current buying or selling situation because the market for real estate is ever-changing.

Any agent who can’t do this will end up wasting time on opportunities with a low chance of success. Agents must maintain constant communication with customers and clients. Another thing to look out for is agents who communicate in varying ways, including email and phone calls, and are more than happy to chat, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  Good communication skills are hard to come by, so this is important. 

They’re Proactive With The Process

A competent agent ought to be constantly pursuing new leads, contacting previous clients, and calling potential buyers. Keeping the client well-informed is essential to be proactive. A red flag is if you find yourself constantly calling the agent to ask simple questions or requesting information they should have already given you. 

 They Listen To Your Needs

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The majority of reputable agents will caution you to avoid an agent who talks too much.

As a client or customer, you should speak up most and ensure that your agent understands your unique requirements and requests. Instead of just talking to you, an agent should listen too. 

Additionally, an agent must be able to “read” their client and adapt their approach accordingly. Some clients prefer to communicate via email, others prefer a quick text message, and still, others prefer a phone call to discuss their sales.

They Want the Best For Clients

Simply put, they want the best for their clients. If the customer gets a good deal, the agent gets a good deal as well. This is why choosing an agent that prioritises their vendors is so crucial. A good agent will always put the needs of their clients first. It is essential for the agent to ensure that the client is content and supported during the stressful process of buying and selling a home.

They Know the Area

Real estate agents sell more than just houses; They are selling the life that comes with it, so they need to know a lot about the area.

Before deciding which agent is best for you, make sure you ask a few specific questions to your potential agents. Consider bus and train routes, nearby kid-friendly activities, and planning regulations. These questions mean you’ll be able to tell the difference between people who are able to sell the local lifestyle and those who aren’t.

They Know the Time Frames

Understanding urgency is essential to a productive relationship between a client and an agent. You must be aware of the client’s urgency to sell. The agent should be working within a shorter deadline if they need to settle quickly. The agent can shop around and advise the client to wait for a better market in order to get a fair price for their home if the client isn’t in a hurry.

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Skip The Search: Choose Established Property

Shopping around is stressful, especially when it comes to real estate agents who tick all the boxes and sell your home easily. Specialising in the Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes of Victoria, they are by far the right choice to call. They know the local area and can help you make informed property decisions. Contact them today and get started on your property journey. 

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