Chicken Parmigiana – Aussie Taste Recipes

chicken parmigiana
It's no surprise that Aussies like to barbecue, but nothing is more delicious than being served with chips, which I think should be on the side, not on their side. My mate's place in the local bunny used to be a sausage sizzling, and it was nothing like the traditional Australian sausages, which are...

Study Supports Science-Backed Weight Loss Method

weight loss method
New research from last year helped us learn more about the benefits of a healthy, varied diet and protein shake to aid weight loss. Researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine combed through published studies over the past 12 months to determine the effects of protein shakes on body mass...

Best Pavlova

best pavlova
Now I baked my first Mother's Day Pavlova cake for my mother-in-law in 2013 and learned a lot of tips and tricks for the perfect cake. Since then, I have made countless Pavlovas, including mini Pavlovas and chocolate Pavlovas.  If you are looking for a simple Pavlova recipe with proven results, this is the place...

Best Meat Pies

best meat pies
This shortcrust pastry is filled with a rich sauce topped with golden puff pastry, and anyone lucky enough to try it will consider it a bloody legend. This meat pie recipe requires patience, but it's much better than your daily bakery. It will rival every Bourke Street Bakery, including this one, with its sweet...