Dentures or artificial teeth are designed to replace missing teeth. These dentures can be designed to replace the entire teeth set or partial teeth. Dentures have been a go-to treatment for missing teeth to help maintain the facial muscle structure. A professional and experienced team of dental technicians and prosthetic experts such as Complete...

How To Lose Your Lockdown Kilos Without Dieting

how to lose your lockdown kilos without dieting
If there is one thing that the experience of a pandemic has taught me, it is that you have to live through it in order to get through this challenging time physically and mentally healthy. Considering that diet plays the most important role in weight loss, it makes sense to find out what is...

Australia New Supercomputer

australia new supercomputer
The new machine will go into operation in November and will be located in the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) of the Australian National University (ANU). The machine, named Gadi-Ngunnawal, is by no means the first supercomputer of its kind in the world, but it will keep the 5,000 researchers who use it up to date....

Australia’S Health Fitness Trends 2020

Australia'S Health Fitness Trends 2020
Now that 2020 is well advanced, fitness professionals and enthusiasts are already anticipating what the top fitness trends will be in the coming years. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) conducted a survey of more than 1,000 fitness experts from around the world to guide health and fitness programs in 2020. The electronic...

Urges Sa Health To Reconsider Class Sizes (Fitness Australia)

fit and muscular couple focused on lifting a dumbbell during an exercise class in a gym.
The CEO of Fitness Australia has written to the professors of health and senior members of the SA Health Board asking for a meeting and asking them to reconsider their position. I, therefore, recommend that the cap be abolished immediately and that a 7M2 requirement be implemented in the short term as a fair...